Gourmet Baskets

If you are looking for the perfect gift, our Gourmet Baskets will be your solution! This is just a small selection of the baskets we have created in the recent past. We encourage you to connect with us about who your gift is for. Tell us a little bit of how you know the person and a loose theme of why you’re wanting to offer the gift and we’ll fill in all the blanks until we create your ideal gift! Have a glance through the images below and spark your creative side to all the possibilities!

WB32 Cookies And Snacks

Have a bachelor to buy for, How about for your boyfriend/girlfriends parents. Who wouldn't love this basket filled with tasteful treats.

$ 89.99

WB28 Splendor Delight

This basket contains products from Germany, France,USA and Canada. Great for grandparents and small groups of people.

$ 94.99

WB50 For The Whole Gang

This impressive basket will satisfy all the cravings for the whole gang

$ 64.99 - 250.00

WB51 Kosher Basket

This kosher gourmet basket if over flowing with abundance of elegance

$ 110.00

WB54 Snack Celebration

Grab a cup of coffee or tea and start enjoying your treats. This Thank You style Basket is perfect for Teacher Gifts, Mothers Day, Office Social, Births, Boss's Day, Christmas Giving

$ 89.99 - $140.00

WB57 Office Chocolate Basket

This golden gift basket features the best of which is filled with luscious chocolates and cookies

$ 89.99 - $150.00

WB56 Enjoy Me

This golden kosher delight is a excellent and for Secretaries Day, Grandparents Day Corporate giving

$ 99.99 - $125.00

WB55 Happy Anniversary

This basket is easily shipped to reach those who aren't close enough to celebrate in person. Ideal variety of sweets to enjoy to marvel over.

$ 64.99-125.00

WB53 High Standards

A balance of sweet and salty treats for any office common area. You'll be unable to resist trying at least one of everything!

$ 130.00

WB52 Executive Approved

This basket is great for any size of gathering, The treats in this basket will want people coming back for more.

$ 175.00 - 100.00

WB49 Housewarming Basket

Join in on the celebration with this eye catching mouthwatering gourmet gift basket.

$ 200.00

WB48 Grand Gourmet

This grand basket includes sweet and savourty treats. Open up spread out and enjoy.

$ 120.00

WB47 Bereavement

This elegant basket is a great way to say whatever needs to be said.

$ 120.00

WB46 Banks Of Chocolate

This basket of gourmet chocolate is the perfect gift for a Birthday, Anniversary or Thank You.

$ 84.99

WB45 Lets Celebrate

The meaning of exquisite taste this executive style gourmet basket is ensure to impress.

$ 350.00

WB44 Temptation

This great bundle of gourmet chocolate goodies will be just the right basket for any client or family gathering you want to wow.

$ 250.00

WB43 Healthy Choices

This organic, all natural, gluten free basket is perfect for the health conscious people.

$ 250.00

WB34 Somerset

Appreciate goes a long way. Say it with this sweet and savourty gourmet basket

$ 119.99

WB41 Baby Basket

This baby basket come in a small size as well. Pink for girls Boy for boys

$ 120-175

WB40 Something To Keep

You have a garden and wine lover on your list. This basket has it all great taste on the in side a great look on the outside with your favorite plant

$ 164.99

WB39 International Beers

What guy wouldn't enjoy this creative international beer basket with something from his boyhood to adult hood the perfect guy gift.

$ 175.00

WB38 Friends And Family

Crack the wine bring out the treats call some friends let make more friendship memories

$ 149.99

WB37 Bath And Relaxation

Fill your tub and grab your wine glass take some treating and relax while soaking in you tub.

$ 190.00

WB36 Around The World

A great assortment of beers from around the world, spread out the snacks call your friends over and enjoy

$ 150.00

WB35 Small Occassions

This assortment of gourmet foods will be perfect coffee break assortment

$ 89.99

WB42 Wine And Cheese

After a hard day who doesn't love opening a great bottle of wine and enjoying it with gourmet foods

$ 110.99

WB29 Lisa’s Basket

This creative brie baker basket would make a wonderful Housewarming, Birthday or Bridal gift.

$ 110.00

WB31 Candy Chicken Bone

This Old Fashion Chicken Bones will bring back fine childhood memories

$ 89.99

WB30 Weekender

This basket is filled full of great treats would make a nice referral basket. How about a grandparents or thank you basket.

$ 60.00

WB27 A World Of Love

Need a door prize this basket has it all. In Law's hard to buy for this may be your answer. Fathers birthday this is right up his alley

$ 124.99

WB26 Lets Indulge

Aunt's and Uncle's favorite treats. Which office workers wouldn't love those chocolate spoons.

$ 149.99

WB25 Veggie Caviar

Is it Boss's Day or Professionals Day, or a Thank You. Get ready to relax and tempt your taste buds with this generous spread of sweet and savory delights.

$ 137.95

WB33 Sail With Me

International Peace Day. Sail away with this smoked salmon delight this basket has it all for that fish lover on your list

$ 130.00

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