About Us


a basket for any season and any reason

Bodacious Baskets has thrived in Maple Ridge for twelve years out of the eighteen years in business. In that time we have aided our customers in demonstrating appreciation, gratitude and extending simple but exciting, congratulations. At times we’ve met the need to express sorrow and support and offering words of encouragement when none seem to be enough.

A personal gift to a customer, colleague or esteemed friend can create and enhance that emotional connection each of us seek as a basic human need. That emotional connection is often missed by businesses when they are finished offering their services to their customers. Bodacious Baskets uniquely builds the bridge between your services and the emotional needs of your customer interactions. By creating that link you are then directly impacting the word of mouth reputation your business carries.

Let Bodacious Baskets elevate your business connections, relationships and even success by partnering with us to provide you with a gift just as personalized as the services and connections you have.

Contact Willie via phone or email to further discuss how you can create that positive experience and emotional connection with your customers.

Bodacious Baskets